At the Limes, we pride ourselves in celebrating Dignity Day each and every year. In the past staff and residents have taken part in balloon releasing, Dancing for Dignity and organising walks. All with the aim to promote the importance of Dignity in Care. This year was no different.

After months of planning, an entire week of Dignity inspired activities were arranged for the residents to take part in. After a year of challenging times in 2020 at The Limes we take every opportunity to have fun, share laughter and find happiness.

This years Dignity decorations centered around not only what Dignity means to the residents but also how much this effects the way the staff at The Limes provide care to every individual.

A wall was decorated with the residents opinions of what Dignity is and what it means to them. To accompany this, a thoughtful element was created, it included ten arms holding the shape of a heart. These ten arms represented the "Ten Dignity Do's" and the heart represented the dignity of an individual. Without one of these arms the Dignity and the overall well-being of the individual would begin to falter. This element represents the foundation of thought that the Staff at The Limes apply when caring for our residents.

On the 06th of February all residents were invited to attend a Digni-Tea which was organised by Julie Woodhouse and Demi-Marie Croft.

The dining room was decorated and transformed into an area fit for Dignity Celebrations. During the afternoon the residents were offered tea and Dignity inspired cakes, which were made specifically for the occasion by Cook, Hayley Monk. Whilst the residents drank their tea and ate their cakes, poems about dignity were read by Mrs Patricia Kinsey and Demi. The favourite being a poem by Spike Milligan, "Smiling is Infectious".

After tea and cake the residents began their crafty tasks that were organised. These included; mug designing, pom pom making and card writing. Initially some residents shied away from being crafty but eventually they decided to "give it a go" with a beautiful outcome. Kirsty Moffat, Day Support Worker, gave a helping hand to the residents during the crafty activities.

The residents carried out the activities with their favourite music playing in the background which led to a lot of singing and even some dancing. Everyone who attended had a lovely afternoon with a lot of conversation, support for one another, smiles and laughter.

All residents and staff thoroughly enjoyed the activities arranged over the week and we have received a LOT of positive feedback specifically surrounding our Digni-Tea afternoon. I would like to thank everyone that was involved in making this week a success; Management, Day Support Workers, Team Leaders, Cooks and most of all the Residents. We could not have achieved this without the participation from the residents. A big Thank you to you all.

It is well known to the staff at The Limes that music is something that everybody can relate to, no matter their history, illnesses or limitations. We embrace this.

"Where words fail, Music speaks".

The Limes uses music to uplift its staff and residents on a regular basis and this year for Dignity Day both staff and residents took part in a "Dance for Dignity". We had a splendid morning singing and dancing to music from Buddy Holly as well as a few of our favourites such as, Let's twist again and Saturday night at the movies. Some residents chose to dance from their chairs whilst singing and playing musical instruments and others wanted to be up on their feet and dancing with residents and staff.

In February 2020 some staff members participated in a Dignity Walk however due to weather restrictions and COVID-19 this walk had to be postponed. The staff involved are eager to complete this walk and hope to do so this summer. Information on the walk can be found on the following link - Walk for Dignity.