In February 2020, Demi-Marie Croft, The Limes Care Co-Ordinator, organised a Walk for Dignity.

Demi completed research into Dignity Walk’s in the UK and there was nothing already organised in order to promote Dignity in care. Demi decided that she would instead arrange a walk that would achieve this objective.

Dignity Day 2020 was on the 01st February and the plan was for “Walk for Dignity” to take place during February.

Demi mapped out a route around Derby that was to be completed in 3-day intervals due to its length. The entire walk would be Approximately 33KM and take an overall (approximate) 7 hours to complete. Once the Walk has been tracked and completed, the aim was for the route to map out the shape of a heart surrounding Derby.

All staff were welcome to join Demi in these walks in order to promote the importance of Dignity.

Demi designed and created T-shirts that could be worn on the walk in order to promote Dignity in Care and it's importance. As well as T-shirts, Demi designed and constructed, with the help and guidance of Netty Reddish a plaque that included the ten Dignity Do's. This could be carried whilst doing the walk. Netty Reddish is a small local company that specilises in many different areas: External link opens in new tab or window

"Walk For Dignity: Day One" took place on Saturday 08th of February 2020. Three staff members joined together and walked approximately 16KM from Radbourne Lane, Mickleover to Locko Road, Spondon. The staff involved were very proud of their achievement and looked forward to completing "Walk For Dignity: Day Two".

Due to the storms that hit Derby and then the COVID-19 epidemic the "Walk For Dignity" has been temporarily postponed and will be completed once it is safe to do so.