There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed everyone's life. In order to save lives and our NHS we have been asked to stay indoors.

Families and friends are unable to see their loved ones throughout the country, including at The Limes. We understand how difficult it may be for not only the residents but also their families.

This step is necessary and although it is a devastating and scary time, we must all try to find the light in this dark situation.

The staff at The Limes are doing their very best to not only ensure that the residents are kept in contact with their loved ones but also that they are still smiling and enjoying each day as it comes.

Below are some photographs of the residents and they come with a message for their families and friends - "We are okay and we love you".

We will continue to update this page with photographs of the residents for families and friends during our closure to visiting.

Julie Woodhouse, The Manager at The Limes, made the decision to allow spouses, by appointment only, to visit their loved ones for a short time on 26th March. Many provisions were in place to not only protect those visiting but also the residents. The social distancing recommendations were maintained and none of the individuals involved had been exposed to or showed symptoms of COVID-19. Although the safety of our residents is of the upmost importance, so is their mental health. The relatives and residents involved were very grateful for this opportunity. 

Our staff members are also giving the residents and their families the opportunity to video call one another. Some families cannot visit, but at least this allows for some contact and for them to simply see one another. Please Contact Us if you would like to arrange this.

Recently we have celebrated the 75th anniversary of VE Day! Please click the link to see what we got up to at The Limes.