Due to the events in the year, everyone knew that Christmas would be very different this year. Unfortunately it was no different for us at The Limes. Government guidance caused many changes. These changes affected many areas, including decorating! However, despite all of this, the staff at The Limes aimed for each and every resident to have the best Christmas that they could.

As many of you may already know, usually at The Limes, we have many many decorations throughout the entire building. However, this year following the guidelines given the decorations at The Limes were considerably less. Julie Woodhouse, The Manager, was instructed that the decorations used were to be at a minimum and to be thrown away after use.

During December, the residents took part in many events. Santa came to visit and gave each resident a gift. The residents were very amused and found "Santa" very funny at times with "his" falling fat belly! The staff have been over-whelmed with gifts from residents and relatives over the past 4 weeks.

The Limes received a visit from the Derby Santa Scheme 2020. They visited The Limes and donated gifts. Whilst visiting they took a photo and posted a lovely photograph of themselves with a resident and their daughter with the following caption, " Look at that smile! Today I got the pleasure of briefly meeting Muriel and her daughter Jacqueline whilst doing a drop off in Mickleover. Sadly Muriel hadn't seen her daughter since the Covid outbreak but today they both took the rapid covid test and within 30 minutes both had tested negative and were able to have wonderful visit. Things are beginning to change for the better and it's wonderful to see, thank you for allowing me to say a socially distanced "hello" ladies. We hope you and all the residents and staff have a wonderful Christmas."

On Christmas day the residents spent their day opening gifts, talking to their family members via video call and telephone, doing a Christmas wordsearch, listening to classic Christmas music, watching Christmas films and enjoying their Christmas dinner. All things considered, the residents all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed their day.