We have been very busy during the Christmas period in 2019! We started off December by decorating The Limes. This included, garlands, tinsel and of course our Christmas trees. Both residents and staff members decorated the Christmas trees together and they looked absolutely beautiful!

In the first few days of December Mickleover held their annual Christmas Fate in the Village and some residents were escorted up the lane to join in. Some residents enjoyed purchasing some tasty treats from the local stores.

Helen Hagan, an entertainer, came to The Limes to sing and dance with the residents. She performed her Christmas special and all residents and staff truly enjoyed dancing the afternoon away! Helen brought some hats and instruments with her which the residents enjoyed posing in!

During December The Limes were visited by The Derby Secret Santa Scheme. This Scheme has been running for a few years now. The volunteers help deliver donated gifts to the Elderly around Mickleover. However, this year, due to the amount of gifts donated the area they cover has now expanded further. Two of the volunteers of The Derby Secret Santa Scheme visited The Limes with gifts for each resident. The residents were very grateful and thankful for their gifts.

The residents were also visited by All Saint's Church Carol singers, as they are every year. The Carollers came with song books in hand and sung beautiful renditions of traditional Christmas carols. The residents thoroughly enjoyed this.

A Christmas Raffle was organised in order to raise some money for the Resident's fund. We received many donations, which were very grateful for and due to very supportive visitors, staff and residents we raised a fantastic amount for our Resident's fund!

A few days before Christmas day, the residents were visited by Santa and were all presented with a gift from his workshop. This is also an activity which takes place every year. The residents conversated between themselves, discussing who Santa could be! It was very fun and touching to see each and every resident smiling at the man in the red suit! Kelsey, came to The Limes to help Santa as she has been doing so since she was very young.

The day after the visit from Santa, the residents were visited by Santa again! This time the residents knew exactly who our Santa was: Our very own resident!

On Christmas day the residents woke and opened their presents (if they had managed to wait!) Some staff members wore Christmas head dresses, jumpers and leggings in order to spread the Christmas cheer! All of the Residents sat down together to celebrate Christmas and eat their Christmas dinner which was served with a glass of wine, if the residents wished to have one. There were lots of full tummy's after their Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and Christmas pudding with brandy sauce - All home made of course!