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Letters Received From 2010 Up To Current Date

To Julie and the staff,

We would like to offer our thanks for the care and support given to Clare during her three year stay at The Limes. Clare was both frail and vulnerable and we really appreciate the love you all gave her. Our very best wishes to you all. Allan and Sue

Thank you for caring for my mum for another year. I know you have all had some really challenging times over the last 12 months with the fire and the tree incident but due to your fantastic team work they seemed to happen with residents or visitors hardly noticing!A really big thank you for all the care you give not only to my mum but all the residents and for the support you also give their families and my own.You should all be very proud of the work you do and giving The Limes such an excellent reputation.

To whom it may concern. 

Following the recent fire at The Limes Residential Home I would like to take the opportunity to tell you how professional the manager, Julie and her team who care for the residents at The Limes have been throughout the situation.

As a relative of a resident I was informed very early on Monday morning that there had been an incident and that my mum was safe, well and had not been affected by the incident.

I could have visited my mum that day and would have been welcomed by the staff even under the circumstances but I knew she was in excellent hands and that standards of care would not diminish even taking into account the events of the day.

It is evident that the manager has excellent and effective emergency policies and procedures in place at The Limes and has informed and trained the staff of actions to be taken in an emergency situation.

I am extremely confident in the management and team working at The Limes and it is clear that their priority is the residents. Some of the residents may have had minor disruptions but when I visited 2 days later I was so impressed on how well they had all got on with the job in hand that I was compelled to write this letter.

Letters Received 2011

On behalf of mum I would like to thank you for all your care and affection given to her during her stay. She continues to have her fight and spirit and can sometimes raise a smile. I am saddened she could not return to The Limes. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Limes to anyone. Best Wishes, Gill

Dear Julie, Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me to climb up the ladder in my career and the support you gave me to make sure I was on the right track. Your door is always open and you have never stopped or gotten tired from listening and understanding. Julie and Carole you have always inspired me; thank you very much! Grace Chelimo

Letters Received 2012

Dear Julie, I should like to place on record my thanks to you and all the staff at The Limes for looking after Joyce and for the care and kindness she has been shown over the last six years. I know she has felt safe and comfortable with you  and I hope we are as lucky with her next home. Many thanks again, Steve Oakley

To Julie, We wanted to tell you that we really appreciate the care and concern that you showed to mum and Paul and indeed to all the residents. Mrs Bexson could never get a better or more suitable person to run The Limes. We wish you the very best. Thankyou. With love and gratitude Pam and Colin

Nora Neville 100th birthday party. Thank you to the staff particularly Pat and kitchen staff for making a lovely cake.We all enjoyed the morning with her and appreciate the effort to make it a happy occasion for the family. With many thanks from The The Neville family

Letters Received 2013

I just wanted to thank you all for all the continuing great care you are providing to Mum and Dad. Dad in particular seems to have had a number of ongoing colds and infections over the last few months. I am so grateful to everyone for making sure he has had prompt medical help when needed and for caring for him so well. All your staff do what must be at times such a difficult and challenging job,with real compassion and cheerfulness.Thank you so much.
I look forward to seeing you all again in a couple of weeks. Best Regards, Jane

To Julie and all the staff at The Limes.
Thank you so much for making Mum's and Dad's 65th wedding anniversary such a special day for them. Particularly thanks to Hayley and the kitchen team for putting on such a wonderful buffet and for the lovely cake. Jane and Chris Pink.

Dear Julie, we are writing to thank you and all the staff at The Limes for the excellent care that mum received during her time with you. Everyone's support to us during her last weeks was of great comfort to us all. We can honestly say there is no other place we would have wished mum to live in her final years. Many thanks, Maurice, Anjelika, Anare and Domikik.

To Julie

I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me over the past five years. I will never forget anything. You have always been a rock to me over the years with my personal life as well as my work and it has been truly appreciated. I wouldn't be the person I am today without you. You have always pushed me to do better.You have always believed in me and that means you have always been like my second mum. Always there for me whenever I need a chat or advice. You have done so much for me . Thank you so much for everything again. I hope you don't forget about me! You have been a brilliant manager as well as a friend. I will keep in touch. You don't get rid of me that easily! I will miss you and everybody very much.
Lots of love Sian

To all the staff at The Limes Home.
A big thank you for your love and care over the last eight years looking after mum {Dorothy Peach}  We really appreciate all your kind thoughts, especially at mum's funeral. It is something we will never forget. Hope you all have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
Love and best wishes Terry and Carol Peach.

Letters Received 2014

To all the staff at The Limes. Thank you so much for all your care.
Christine. (Vivienne's younger daughter)

To The Lovely White Coats (!) and staff at The Limes.
Thank you for giving me extra time with my Nana, you truly are a special bunch of people. Thank you. Love Zoe, Jason and Jordan and of course Dot!! x

To Julie
Thank you so much for all you have done for my parents especially the paperwork that is above and beyond!
Kind Regards, Lesley Heap (Mavis and Philip James)

To Julie, Just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me and all the support I have had during my time at The Limes.I hope we will stay in touch and I wish you all the best in the future. Thanks again, Love Alice ( Care assistant)

Letters Received 2015

To Julie and all the staff at The Limes
Thank you so much to you all for everything you have done over the past couple of months for Mum and Dad. It has been a difficult time for them both and the increasing care and security you provide has been wonderful. It is such a comfort to Chris and myself to know they always have a friendly face nearby and are living in such a loving environment. You all do an amazing job. Thank you so much! Love Jane and Chris

Dear Julie,
First of all I would like to thank you and all who work at The Limes for caring for mum during the past 20 months.You provided a comfortable and much easier life for her than she had been able to provide for herself at her flat in All Saint's Court.

Towards the end of mum's life you were able to nurse her until she passed away on 11th May 2015. This brought comfort to her and to us as she remained in familiar surroundings with familiar people.

The care that was given to mum was gentle and kind and enabled her to die in a dignified way and for that we are grateful.

On the day of mum's funeral we were very touched by the final farewell and respect shown by you all when the funeral cortege set off from The Limes. We know that mum would have appreciated this gesture. Thank you once again for all you have done for mum. Yours sincerely, Richard A Morgan

Dear Julie,
Marian, Christine and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you and all your staff at The Limes for all your excellent care and kindness given to our cousin and long-term friend Ellen McColgan during her ten years with you. We have been aware of the greatly increased amount of attention Ellen needed in the last few years.

We do appreciate, Julie, the way you and Carole kept us fully informed of Ellen's intermittent health care issues and special needs: many thanks. It was good to see you both at the funeral service, and very touching to see your staff paying their respects on Ellen's last journey.

In our visits to see Ellen there was always an air of calm professionalism in the way in which the staff related to each other and to the residents: the sign of good team spirit.
We will have no hesitation in recommending The Limes Residential Home to anyone.

Kind Regards, John and Christine

Dear Julie,
I have done a thank you card to all of the staff. ( And one for Sue the cook and a personal letter to resident Kitty) I have sent in biscuits and chocs for staff room and a personal thanks to you and Sue. I've already said it but need a written record of my sincere gratitude, for how my mum has been cared for during her stay with you. Special thanks for letting her return to her bedroom at The Limes for her final days. Above all recognition of your leadership, genuine care and knowledge of how to implement true care and support during this difficult time. I really do value everything that you have personally done.Thank you so much.
Helen Needham and family.

Letters Received 2016

To every one at The Limes. Your thoughtfulness means so much. Thank you for all the care, kindness and support you have given my mum (Madge) over the years. I couldnt have wished for anything better. I think you are all absolutely wonderful.  I shall miss so much coming in.Once again Thank You.
Lin Greensmith

To Julie and all the staff at The Limes. Thank you so much for the kindness and care you provided to Maurice over these past few weeks. I feel terribly sad to have lost him but I am relieved that his suffering is over. Thank you also to all of you for the support you have provided to mum and to Chris and myself over the past very difficult 24 hours.
Lots of love, Jane and Chris xxx

To Julie and all the staff at The Limes,
Thank you very much for the support you have provided to mum and me over the last couple of days. Particular thanks to Sian and Holly for accompanying mum and bringing her down to The Mason's. All my cousins were delighted to see her, even though mum found it rather bewildering! As I said at the service yesterday, The Limes became Dad's home and I know he was very fond of you all,Thank you! Love Jane and Chris xx

To Julie and all the staff, Thank you so much for the care and kindness you showed to my mum Sue during her last illness. You and the staff were brilliant. Mum was treated with compassion, dignity and respect and always as an individual. Nothing was too much trouble for you.She was very fond of you all and The Limes truly was her home. She was happy. What more could a family ask for? Words cannot express our appreciation.
George Horwood

To Julie and your team of kind and caring staff.
I cannot really find the words to thank you all for the excellent care you provided for Dad from the time he arrived at The Limes and during his final week or so when he became unwell and unresponsive. Speaking on behalf of myself and Mark we made the best (albeit difficult) decision to return dad (Bryan) to your care from hospital. We were overwhelmed by your kindness and dedication and are so grateful that his end of life was pain free and dignified.

Julie you should be proud of your staff. I go into many Residential/Nursing Homes but the provision of care from your staff is second to none. We are eternally grateful and cannot thank you all enough. I will try to visit and keep in touch.
Thank you again for everything,
Much love Lisa and family xxxxxx

To all the staff
We would like to thank you all for looking after dad. You have all been fantastic. Thank you for the kindness you have shown me and Suzie. It really is appreciated. Lots of love Mark, Suzie and Evie.

Dear Julie and staff,
Thank you so much for caring for my mum Sue for so many years. I know that she was very happy and loved living with all of you at The Limes, and that was a great comfort to me. Please accept this donation for your staff fund. Once again many many thanks. From Maureen.

To Julie, Carole and all the staff at The Limes,
With heartfelt thanks. We thank you all very much for all the love and care shown to Avis in the six years that she was with you at The Limes. Mum was made to feel so at home and loved.
She was really so well looked after by all the staff right up to the end. With love from Andrew and Wendy xx

To Julie Jess and staff,

Just a thank you for the help, love and understanding you have shown me during this period of time, thank you once again, Stuart xxxxx

To Julie and all the staff,
Our family would like to thank you for all your kindness you showed to Lilian during her years at The Limes. We appreciate all the tenderness and care you gave to her during her last few months. Once again, thank you. Sheila xx

Letters received 2017

2nd May 2017

For the Limes
To everybody at The Limes,
Thank you for all you did for David.
I know it was not always easy, but he did settle and it was his home. Without you I would be up the creek without a paddle!!
I appreciate all the care you provided, so once again from care taker men who fetch sweets, domestic, kitchen and laundry staff, and the care team and also night staff who sorted David out with his favourite tipple!!
Julie your staff are true gems, my stars!!
Debbie a personal thank you from my heart for waiting in A&E with me after your shift had finished. Your kindness will stay with me, for which I will always be greatful.
Love always Mags, Yasmin and Marcus x

June 2017

To Julie and all the staff at The Limes,
Just a little thankyou to all at The Limes for a lot of work, compassion and care.
Your kindness in looking after our mum over these last few months has been very much appreciated by us both.
Graeme and Alison.

June 2017

Dear Julie
I want to thank you very much for sending us a refund of mum's care. To be honest, I never really believed that the funding would ever come through - and the fact that it did is,once again, down to you and your persistence.
As you know, Graeme and I were very greatful for the way you and your team looked after mum. From our chat after Mum's passing, I'm also aware of how frustrating you find the 'system'
within which you have to work these days. If there is anything I can do to help you at any point, please don't hesitate to ask.
I dont know what help I might be able to give: Write to CQC, Write a review...Whatever it is please just ask.
Please keep doing what you're doing and remember that, no matter how frustrating things may seem, you are doing an incredibly good job for many people.
I wish you all the best.

To all the staff (Worth your weight in gold!)

Our greatful thanks to all the staff for the wonderful care they have given Nora over the last ten years. Finally ending with the exceptional (End of life care) in the last ten days.
She could not have had better care anywhere for the end of her life.
With thanks from John, Mona, Mark and Shaun.

10th October 2017

To Julie and Staff,
It may seem a long time but I have not forgotten to say THANKS for the flowers, card and birthday cake you kindly gave me when I left The Limes. I greatly appreciate your help and support while living at The Limes for eleven months. Since I left The Limes I  had carers in for a few weeks. I am trying to cope on my own and its going fairly well.
I am taking each day as it comes.
Thank you again
God Bless

To all the lovely staff at The Limes_
You'll never know how much we all appreciate and respect everyone of you. We know Joan was loved and cared for and we thank you for your compassion.
Thank you also for your support for us as a family.
Kindest regards
Pam and Jeff
Graham and Chris their families and friends.

To Julie and Jess and every single member of staff at The Limes,
A great big thank you to you all for looking after Joyce Cater over the last three and a half years. She had such happy times with you and loved the view from her room looking at the wildlife. Always ready to have an interesting comversation.
She will be sadly missed.
Steve Dixson. (Joyce's cousin)

Dear Julie and all the team,
Just a short note to say how much we appreciate all the love and kindness you showed to Joyce during her stay with you.
The care you provided, particularly at the end of Joyce's life was exemplary. She was treated at all times with dignity and respect and most of all with love.
Thank you once again for everything you did.
With our love and appreciation
Mavis, Graham and Steve.

To Julie
Thank you so much for the excellent care and attention I have received from all the staff during my stay with you.
A great bunch of girls.
Best Wishes
Nancy x

November 2017

To The Limes,
Julie,Jess,Carole and the wonderful White Coats!
I can never repay you for the wonderful care you gave my Nan: Dot.
Your continued care, love and kindness enabled us to have an extra four and a half years with her. Thank you to you all, you've made such a difference to so many which isn't always appreciated but please know that you are such wonderful people and will always be in my heart.
Thank you,
Love Zoe,Jason and Jordan.

To all the staff,
Just want to say a huge thank you for the care that you have all given to my nan during her stay!
My nan loved it here
So thank you again,

November 2017

To everyone at The Limes,
These are a small token to celebrate Mrs Mac's (Dot) life and to thank you all for looking after her so well and making her feel cared for and loved during her last few years. You all do an amazing job!
Best wishes,
Sue and Shaun

December 2017

To all the staff at The Limes,
All the family would like to thank you for the love and care you gave to our beloved mum, nana, great-nana, and great-great-nana.
Love from the family of Irene Jones xxxx

December 2017

To all the staff at The Limes,
Thank you for all your kindness,support and care towards Irene.
You made her final years at The Limes restful and peaceful.
Thank you from
Michael (Sunday Grandson)
and Ann xx

December 2017

To Julie and all the staff at The Limes,
Pauline,Margaret and families wish to thank you for all the love and care you have shown to Mum (Irene) for which we were most greatful. We could not have asked for more.
Love and thank you once again
Pauline and Margaret