We enjoy celebrating traditional occasions at The Limes such as Royal Events, Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and more!

During the weeks leading up to the occasion residents help staff to decorate the home and they also take part in activities that have been organised in relation to the specific occasion.

Please click on the photos below to read more about what activities we arrange during Christmas, St Paticks Day and Halloween!

As well as key occasions we also like to celebrate special birthdays at The Limes for both residents and staff. Special birthdays are celebrated as the resident or staff member would like to celebrate them, whether it be a collection or a birthday party! Collections are arranged, gifts are purchased and cards are signed in time for the person's birthday and for many residents, at The Limes, birthday balloons are purchased and our cooks bake a birthday cake. The resident is then asked to make a wish as we all sing "Happy Birthday". Special requests, such as a small family gathering at The Limes, are welcomed! Please Contact Us if you require any further information.

Below are some photos that have been taken throughout the year so far. We have celebrated Shrove Tuesday, Mother's Day, Easter and more!