Music truly is magical. It would appear that despite mood or illnesses music is ALWAYS enjoyed by each and every person; both Residents and Staff members.

At The Limes we embrace music and encourage not only the Residents but also the staff members to get involved. Weekly sing-a-longs, organised by staff members, are scheduled due to high popularity and demand. Residents sing, smile and dance with the staff. Everyone truly has a great time.

At The Limes we also have outside entertainers come to provide us with music. This includes; singers, piano players and guitar players. A regular outside entertainer is called Helen Hagan, she is very popular with the residents and extremely good at what she does.

Recently at The Limes, the residents have been enjoying a newly introduced activity; Karaoke! Some residents really enjoyed singing on the microphones and entertaining others whilst other residents enjoyed singing along, laughing and dancing to the music. It truly was enjoyed by those who chose to get involved!