At the beginning of September, Staff organised an afternoon by the 'Seaside' for the residents.

Many people enjoy going on holiday during the summery months. We thought that it would be nice if we could recreate some elements of the seaside for the residents to enjoy. We hoped that this would help the residents reminisce about times that they had spent by the sea.

 An Afternoon At The Seaside - 2019

During this activity we made great use of our beautiful conservatory. We decorated the conservatory using some colourful bunting and sand. The residents were served refreshments and sugary treats that are typically associated with the seaside.

Along with refreshments, the residents enjoyed listening to songs typically associated with the seaside and going on holiday, such as, 'Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside' and Cliff Richards 'Summer Holiday'.

The residents discussed amongst themselves about holidays that they had been on in the past. They reminisced about their time spent in Skegness, Blackpool and many more places!

At Afternoon In The Sunshine - 2020

On the 12th September the residents took advantage of the sun and went out into the garden to enjoy some music, snacks, mocktails and ball games. They all had a lovely time, although some filled up on too many snack and didn't want their lunch!